The Habitat for Humanity – Summit County Colorado affiliate is a group of local volunteers that have been in existence for almost 15 years,

Ten years ago, we completed a single family residence in Dillon. Approximately five years ago, we completed two single family residences in the Gibson Heights neighborhood of Breckenridge. our efforts has meant that three families were able to help build and purchase their own homes.  We’ve spent the last few years looking for opportunities to acquire land so we can build again.

With the recent emphasis on developing affordable housing for residents of Summit County, we’ve been renewing our relationships with the Summit Housing Authority, the county, municipalities and developers in the area and are ready to build again.

The Summit County affiliate aligns itself with the goals and vision of Habitat for Humanity. Information on that group can be found at If you have any questions about our affiliate, please contact us directly at 970 453 7102 or via e-mail at executive

We’ll be building again this summer and there’s a hard hat and a pair of safety glasses waiting for your use.  Come and join us.